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About Urban RC Products, Inc

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Urban RC Products, Inc, located in Pensacola, FL, has been manufacturing LiPo batteries for 10+ years. We have seen many changes in the electric market, and have always offered the latest LiPo technology. Through the years we have expanded to offer many quality products, including Dualsky, GT Power, Hitec, APC, FMS, Speedy, and many more. We do not believe you should have to sacrifice performance for price. We do not offer the cheapest products, but instead offer high quality products without increasing the price to cover expensive advertising, sponsored pilots and many other costs you'll see with other companies.

We believe customer care and support are of utmost importance. With over 30 years experience in the R/C industry, our sales team will help you select products that will be number one sellers for your store. A quality feedback system allows us to rapidly respond to your market needs. We strive to address your questions and warranty needs so they can be resolved quickly. A warranty on all our products ensures your customer satisfaction.

Urban RC Products, Inc is committed to offering high-quality R/C models with competitive prices to our customers. Our R/C expertise and dedication to customer care and support are key to providing products that will be invaluable to you.